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SHRM National or Bust

It’s about that time!   It’s about time to think about packing. It’s about time to touch base with friends I haven’t seen in awhile. And it’s about time to get excited about learning something new.   SHRM 2014 National Conference starts in less than a week, and it’s about time to get prepared for…

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Come on Baby, Light My Fire

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”  Plutarch I have the pleasure of developing and facilitating a mentoring workshop for a client this week.  The fun thing about this particular event is I’m not just telling them about how a mentorship program can work, what the benefits…

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Speak Outside of the Lines

It’s not what you tell them…it’s what they hear. Red Auerbach   I had the pleasure of working with a client recently who had a workforce of about 900. My job was to train them all on various topics over the course of the four day window. Easy peasy!  Load me up, fill the room…

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Lessons Learned from Family Night

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” John F. Kennedy   My 7 year old son is fascinated my marine life.  He constantly talks about being a marine “researcher” so he can learn all about the many animals in the sea and, of course, discover new ones so he can be famous. Yesterday was…

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The Frontier Project (in the 2nd largest state)

Wanted: Curiosity and Imagination   I don’t need an excuse to get out of Alaska in November but if I did, I’d scream down to Cyprus, Texas to be a part of something meaningful, The Frontier Project.   I was fortunate enough to attend the first “project” held in Omaha earlier this spring.  I came…

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Riding the Bus

My little guy, Andrew, loves to ride the bus.  He’s in 1st grade this year and so far, discovering Pokeman cards and riding the bus are his two favorite things about school.   I was sending a quick email to my dear friend Lisa Rosendahl this morning and realized that Andrew’s love for riding the…

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Decisions, Decisions

I went into the store the other day to get a battery and in my quest to find them, I stumbled across Halloween Candy. Halloween Candy…tons of it…in late August!  Good grief. I love candy corn as much as the next gal but for me, it’s always too early for Halloween. Where I live, Halloween…

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Waste Removal

Why adverb  1. for what reason or purpose.  2. (with reference to a reason) on account of which; for which. noun  1. a reason or explanation.   I had dinner the other night with someone I consider one of the smartest men I know. During this dinner, he told me about some pretty significant events in his life…

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A Little Bit of Pushing Is Good

I gave a presentation yesterday on employee engagement.  In my spiel, I talk a little about what the data says, a little about how a company can go about defining the ambiguous term, and a lot about what supervisors can do to help get more of the elusive “engagement” from their employees.   I typically…

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Communication…The Wonder Drug

“There is never a good excuse to not communicate with someone.” Mark Kelly   SHRM13 had some great keynote speakers and Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords did not disappoint! Mr. Kelly talked about a range of things, one of them being the importance of communication.  His story, which included surface to air missiles and million…

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