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The Collaboration Conundrum

“Let’s work together!” Yeah, yeah, let’s work together! Two heads are better than one, right? Yeah, yeah, let’s work together! It’ll be faster if we combine our efforts, right? Yeah, yeah, let’s work together! We’ll push each other to be more creative and innovative, right? Yeah, yeah, let’s work together! It’ll be fun! Right? Right? Not always……

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What’s In Your Garden?

“Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” Galatians 6:7 You’ve got the space and the vision. You were lucky enough to inherit a few mature gems and, in your search for new wonders, you find some just budding. You stumble across some with great potential and discover some…

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Why Should You Give? Because Look What They Get!

“A grateful heart is the beginning of greatness.” James E. Faust I have been active with SHRM in one way or another since 2003 or so and, of course, know about the SHRM Foundation. I knew the Foundation did research, published its findings so we could all benefit from that research, assisted with the education and development…

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What goes on in Vegas shouldn’t stay in Vegas

So, you’re headed to the SHRM Annual Conference which means you’re going to the surface of the sun in late June. Congratulations, I think.  🙂 In all seriousness, you’ve made a huge investment of time and money to go to this conference; let’s make sure you get the most out of it! 1. Download the SHRM15 app on your…

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

“Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.” Margaret J. Wheately Do you ever wonder if, sometimes, your staff is missing something? Drive?       Determination?       A Brain? They don’t do anything unless they’re told to do it. They don’t try, try again and instead,…

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Superheroes Don’t Always Wear Capes

“You don’t have to have super powers to be a superhero.” Andrew Kinzie, Age 7 When he’s not getting into trouble for lacking focus and/or self discipline, my seven year old son often gives me little nuggets of wisdom. (He’s one-half old soul, one-half tazmanian devil.) This morning was no exception. In the same minute…

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Rabbits and Tennis Rackets

“Nostalgia is an illness for those who haven’t realized that today is tomorrow’s nostalgia.”  Zeena Schreck   I was reading something the other day about impermanence.  Specifically, I was reading about clouds and how they are constantly changing.  I realized that many of us love watching them do so – as a matter of fact, we delight in it. If…

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Show Me The Money!

  I had the pleasure of attending a Mega Session called “Show Me The Money” in Orlando during the National SHRM 2014 conference.  The presenter was LaFern Batie of The Batie Group. Ms. Batie challenged the participants with what many have been encouraging HR professionals to do for years…understand the finances of the business! In a nutshell, Ms. Batie…

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I Love Not Working Well For You

I attended the SHRM National Conference in Orlando recently and went to quite a few concurrent sessions that got me thinking. One session was about money…how an organization makes it, wastes it or loses it…and, of course, what Human Resource professionals should be doing about all of them to ensure organizational success. The presenter talked about…

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What’s Your Story?

  Things are heating up in Florida, folks. Orlando is being taken over by HR Professionals! SHRM14 has begun!   What’s your story? Why did you make the trip? I think that’s what I love most about these conferences. I learn from some of the sessions, I certainly enjoy the networking events, and I adore…

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