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I had the pleasure of attending the SHRM Annual Conference this week in the beautiful city of Chicago.  Having only travelled through the city via airport, I thought it would be fun to arrive a couple days early and play tourist. I walked all over the first day, and ate more than I care to…

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Hiring Is Everything!

A Guest Post by Ben Eubanks   Recently I ran across a very interesting employee handbook for Valve, a small software company. The handbook talks about the culture and what it’s like working there in intricate detail, but one section really blew my mind. At Valve, they don’t hire managers or have any supervisors. They…

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Four Questions

A lot of attention has been given lately to the recruitment and selection process and ensuring a good fit for the organization.  Indeed, if this process breaks down, you’ll have an employee churn problem and who wants that?   Recruitment is all about determining where, when and how you’re going to fish for qualified applicants….

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The Dating Game & Selection Processes

My mom didn’t let me watch a lot of TV when I was younger and she certainly drew the line at anything “risque.”  The popular game show, The Dating Game, was among the many shows that were “off limits”!   However, my friend’s mom had no such reservations!  That being said, one would often find…

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