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Minute To Win It & Leadership

A Guest Post from Kalani Parnell   Although my television viewing fluctuates between the discovery channel and the cartoon channel, from time to time I have found myself immersed in a game show called “Minute to Win it” (MTWI). For those of you who aren’t yet fans, in this game show partners compete through 10…

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Power and Influence

A dear friend of mine, Kalani, recently traveled to the Philippines and spent a day carving with a man named Ernesto and his apprentices.  After a day spent swapping stories and emerging himself in a craft he loves, he bought me a carving from Ernesto’s shop.  For those of you who may not recognize it,…

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Excess Baggage

“We cannot hold on to things and enter.”  Mark Nepo   I carry a bit of baggage.  Ok, to be honest, I carry a ton of it.  However, today a friend gently reminded me that perhaps I should leave my baggage behind so I can move freely forward. Baggage – it comes in many forms. …

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Reward the Old Fashioned Way

“Hey, that’s not fair!” How many times have we heard this?  Someone is mad because the 3% pay increase has been reduced to 2%, or because jeans are no longer allowed at work.  Someone is upset because the extra PTO day offered as an incentive for excellent production wasn’t awarded, even though the team didn’t…

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All You Need is Love, part two

Last week, I posted “All You Need is Love” worried it was too long but also sure it was not long enough.  It’s challenging to write a short blog about building, maintaining or repairing relationships so I ended up with two parts! Relationships – that’s what The Five Love Languages* is all about.  “All You…

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All You Need is Love, part one.

Nowadays, if your tank’s empty, you’re fixin’ to spend over $50 to fill the darn thing up. But an empty tank means something different to Gary Chapman.  He’s the author of numerous books but my favorite is his first book, The Five Love Languages.  (Chapman, Gary. (1992). The Five Love Languages, How to Express Heartfelt…

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