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Riding the Bus

My little guy, Andrew, loves to ride the bus.  He’s in 1st grade this year and so far, discovering Pokeman cards and riding the bus are his two favorite things about school.   I was sending a quick email to my dear friend Lisa Rosendahl this morning and realized that Andrew’s love for riding the…

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Decisions, Decisions

I went into the store the other day to get a battery and in my quest to find them, I stumbled across Halloween Candy. Halloween Candy…tons of it…in late August!  Good grief. I love candy corn as much as the next gal but for me, it’s always too early for Halloween. Where I live, Halloween…

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Waste Removal

Why adverb  1. for what reason or purpose.  2. (with reference to a reason) on account of which; for which. noun  1. a reason or explanation.   I had dinner the other night with someone I consider one of the smartest men I know. During this dinner, he told me about some pretty significant events in his life…

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Push ’em

“The closest thing to being cared for is to care for someone else.”  Carson McCullers   I recently read  “Light on Snow” by Anita Shreve.   This book was about a family dealing with death, grief, and the necessity of moving on.  In this story, the father was grieving the loss of his wife and, while…

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A man by the name of Joel Casto is flying into Anchorage this weekend and I can’t wait to see him.  He’s not bringing me a million bucks, he’s not family and he’s not famous, but he has been my mentor for 17 years.  Moreover, my relationship with Joel is the most valuable friendship I…

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