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Don’t Take It Personally?

“The principle of acting in good faith is at the heart of decent work.” Richard Eyre I’ve been dating for two years. I’ve become a bit of a “3 date wonder” – meaning I rarely end up having more than three dates. There have been a few exceptions but even those dating relationships don’t last more than a month or…

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Honestly, we can do better.

“No legacy is so rich as honesty.” William Shakespeare I was listening to the radio this morning as I took my son to school; they were in the middle of those silly quizzes/survey questions and accepting calls from listeners. I have no idea what the question was but the callers kept guessing, “is it stealing?” During…

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A Soap Box Moment – is it reasonable?

“Sometimes, it takes being pissed to get you over a hump.” That’s not an eloquent saying, I know, but nonetheless, it holds true today. I’ve had writer’s block for awhile…I have managed to squeak out a post here and there but it’s been difficult…I just haven’t felt overly inspired. But today, I read something that pissed me…

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True Dat!

“We owe honesty to those we meet.”                                             Joel Casto   Honesty We don’t hear it often enough. Do you ever wonder why?   It may be because we have been conditioned to lie, to bend the truth, to be “creative” with our words. Or, here’s a thought, perhaps we are the ones who are conditioning…

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Bullying in the Workplace

You can only watch injustice go on for so long until you’re compelled to say something. To speak out against it. Macklemore   I teach a course on various EEO “issues,” on average, about three times every month. I love teaching these classes because while my materials/content are consistent, the stories and questions are always…

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You’re Not That Great or Important

I got a call the other day…a desperate one at that…to help resolve a touchy employee relations problem. The problem at hand involved nearly twenty professionals.  I use the word “professionals” loosely as they demonstrated anything but professionalism. Name calling, back stabbing, hostility, aggressiveness…you name it, they offered it.   How does a team get this…

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Difficult Conversations

For the past several months, I have been presenting what my client is calling “leadership roundtable” courses.  Each month, they identify a relevant topic and ask me to develop content accordingly.  I then present it, facilitate active discussion around the topic, and then wrap it all up in a neat little bow. Today’s topic was…

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You Know What They Say About Assumptions

I recently taught a class on Performance Management and, like in many previous classes, I was amazed to learn that most supervisors don’t take the time to talk to their employees about what is expected of them. WHAT?    Craziness, I know…but many supervisors are simply assuming the employee knows what to do, how to…

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Error Of Our Ways

As an HR Consultant and small business owner, I am often reminded of leadership lessons of the past.  This past week, something occurred with one of my SoYo staff that caused me to reflect on something I learned many moons ago: know the difference between a lack of judgment and a lack of character… and…

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The Dating Game & Selection Processes

My mom didn’t let me watch a lot of TV when I was younger and she certainly drew the line at anything “risque.”  The popular game show, The Dating Game, was among the many shows that were “off limits”!   However, my friend’s mom had no such reservations!  That being said, one would often find…

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