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Don’t Believe Everything You Think

“It may not have been a perfect box, but its walls sure were sturdy, until they weren’t.” Heather Kinzie I had the distinct pleasure of conversing with the infamous Steve Browne last week. I had called Steve because I found myself at a gulch and somewhat afraid, unable or unwilling to jump in or over it. Steve talked some…

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Ode to Jody

“Nothing but Heaven itself is better than a friend who is truly a friend.” Plautus My friend, Jody, died one year ago today. She battled cancer for over two years and while she ultimately lost the war, she won many battles.  I have written a few posts inspired by Jody, the first, When FMLA Comes to…

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Look Up

“The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions.” Ellen Glasgow I haven’t written a post in weeks…I guess I have been in a bit of a rut. This happens often, and not just for writing but for life in general. Does it happen to you?  Certainly I can’t be the only…

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Quit Protecting the Sacred Cow

“Funny how that cow of yours is really a lot of bull.” Me I had the pleasure of having lunch with a friend today but I’ll admit, he probably wasn’t as pleased with it as I was. The discussion, which was about financial reports and processes, fired me up but probably just irritated the hell…

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But, Sir!

Speaking truth to power is perhaps the oldest and, certainly, one of the most difficult of ethical challenges because to do so entails personal danger. James O’ Toole   I had the pleasure of spending the whole day with my mentor a couple of weeks ago; I consider myself truly blessed because he comes up…

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Courage from the Bayou

I had the pleasure of traveling to Baton Rouge this past week to speak at the Louisiana State Conference on HR. I’m dubbing this conference one of  “courage.”  While it wasn’t the theme, nearly all of the significant messages I am taking home with me are about bravery, valor, nerve or grit.   Jay Kuhns, Vice…

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My son, Andrew, is five years old and up until eight days ago, he didn’t know how to swim.  For Alaskans, this is problematic.  We are never far from a lake, a river, a stream or the ocean and having a child who doesn’t know how to swim is dangerous.   For some reason, my…

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