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You’re Lying To Yourself

“Reality denied comes back to haunt.” Philip K. Dick I find it quite ironic (dare I say moronic) that so many Human Resource leaders claim they don’t need a Human Capital Management (HCM) system in the same breath that they claim their staff are so incredibly busy doing data entry, that they have arduous reporting…

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Honestly, we can do better.

“No legacy is so rich as honesty.” William Shakespeare I was listening to the radio this morning as I took my son to school; they were in the middle of those silly quizzes/survey questions and accepting calls from listeners. I have no idea what the question was but the callers kept guessing, “is it stealing?” During…

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Show Me The Money!

  I had the pleasure of attending a Mega Session called “Show Me The Money” in Orlando during the National SHRM 2014 conference.  The presenter was LaFern Batie of The Batie Group. Ms. Batie challenged the participants with what many have been encouraging HR professionals to do for years…understand the finances of the business! In a nutshell, Ms. Batie…

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I Love Not Working Well For You

I attended the SHRM National Conference in Orlando recently and went to quite a few concurrent sessions that got me thinking. One session was about money…how an organization makes it, wastes it or loses it…and, of course, what Human Resource professionals should be doing about all of them to ensure organizational success. The presenter talked about…

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SHRM National or Bust

It’s about that time!   It’s about time to think about packing. It’s about time to touch base with friends I haven’t seen in awhile. And it’s about time to get excited about learning something new.   SHRM 2014 National Conference starts in less than a week, and it’s about time to get prepared for…

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Benefits Administration Made Easy

I had the pleasure of attending Day 1 of the Alaska State SHRM Conference yesterday. I was a speaker for a concurrent session on Social Media but had time to attend a session or two and meet with some awesome vendors/exhibitors while I was there.   I love Ceridian. Ceridian is a company dedicated to…

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The Frontier Project (in the 2nd largest state)

Wanted: Curiosity and Imagination   I don’t need an excuse to get out of Alaska in November but if I did, I’d scream down to Cyprus, Texas to be a part of something meaningful, The Frontier Project.   I was fortunate enough to attend the first “project” held in Omaha earlier this spring.  I came…

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Out With The Old

I had a garage sale today.  I try to have one every year as I accumulate a lot of crap. Anyway, I heard the saying “out with the old, in with the new” multiple times today.  I’ve heard that saying before during previous garage sales…and I’ve always joked and/or thought to myself, “that’s right…I’ll buy…

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SHRM 2012 Atlanta

I recently traveled to Atlanta for the SHRM National Conference.  As a sole proprietor, I always have a tough decision whether or not to invest the money in such an expensive trip; this year, I am pleased I did.   As I sat on the first leg of my flight home to Alaska and wondered…

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Budgeting 101

A guest post by Bert Doerhoff, CPA   Budget?  You don’t need no stinkin’ budget!   WRONG! Of course you do!   You have started a new business, chosen a company name, developed your business plan, secured the loan and perhaps even rented the space.   Now what? You need a budget.   A budget…

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