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Get Certified; Stay Certified!

Years and years ago, I decided I wanted to get certified. This was no small deal; I had been raised in state government and NONE of my peers or supervisors were certified nor did any of them, as far as I could tell, see the value in it.

I began the slow process of preparing for my SPHR and, the day before I was to test (test to be taken with a #2 pencil, by the way), I made a commitment to myself that I would help others prepare for the arduous exam should I be successful at mine.

Two months later, I got my results.

I’ve been helping others ever since.

Everything about the exams has fascinated me – how the items are created, how the questions are randomly selected for each test, how eligibility is determined, etc.

As you can imagine, I was extremely interested when SHRM and HRCI split up…not because of the drama but because I was curious as to what this would mean for the current certified professionals, what it would mean for those mid-way through their own journeys – indeed, what it would mean for our entire profession!

But this curiosity paled in comparison to my thoughts on the herculean effort it takes to create such exams in the first place! This crazy complex task occupied my thoughts for quite some time and I doubted, ever so slightly, that SHRM could pull it off in a timely manner.

I was wrong!

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with Brian Dickson, Senior Vice President of the SHRM Certification Team. He took time out of his busy schedule during SHRM16 to give me the low-down on some updates in the certification arena.

Holy Toledo, Batman, there are some great updates!

In a mere two years, not only did SHRM manage to pull off two full cycles of the I did ittwo certification exams with little to no hiccups (resulting in over 92,000 certified professionals to date), but the SHRM Certification folks have also created some terrific benefits to the HR community.

SHRM has translated the learning system and both of the exams into Spanish.

Recognizing that a large percentage of its membership and HR professionals have Spanish as their primary language, SHRM “met them where they are.” Exams will be offered in Spanish every other testing cycle each year.

SHRM is committed to supporting the global community and is planning on repeating this tremendous task in other languages in years to come.

SHRM is doing a data gathering and analysis with HR Practitioners around the globe.

From this, SHRM will be able to ensure the Body of Knowledge (BoK) is relevant and up to date.  In addition, SHRM will be able to add information to the Learning Materials to make them more robust and comprehensive. This will ensure SHRM can continue to offer a thorough and effective roadmap for HR Professional development.

SHRM has created an App for SHRM Certification.

How awesome is that?

It has been in the beta-testing stage but starting Monday, SHRM16 attendees can demo this application in the SHRM Certification Lounge.  The App will allow HR Pros to do a variety of things:

* Keep track of their certification hours in real time.
* Find certified courses within a specified geographic area.
* Re-certify when the time comes.
* Based on registration at approved conferences, courses, workshops, etc., enjoy “auto-updates” based on attendance.

SHRM is completing the accreditation process and hopes to receive full accreditation soon.

SHRM continues to add education/instructor partners to supplement their certification preparation program.

All of that in two years time!  Holy Toledo, Batman, that is impressive!

If you’re at SHRM16, may I suggest you head across the street to the SHRM Certification Lounge and get some more details. If you’re not at SHRM16, I’ve got another great idea: head on over to the SHRM Certification website! It’s loaded with good information.

I’ll leave you with this. I have been certified for years and I’ve been an advocate for certification for just as long. Today, I am proud of SHRM and very excited about the future of its competency-based certification program.

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Heather Kinzie • June 19, 2016

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