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End of Year Expenses

“It is better to look ahead and prepare, than to look back and regret.”

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

One of my friends is an entrepreneur like myself and we were talking this morning of work, specifically the end-of-year catch-up work we often do.  He called it the “End of Year Hemorrhage” as he purchases what he needs prior to 12/31 so they can be declared as expenses in the current tax year.

I chuckled at that as I pictured it – his checking account bleeding out all in the name of tax write-offs.

As I sit here and sip my coffee, I realize I would benefit from doing the same with something else in my life: regret. Perhaps I should let those emotions bleed out so they don’t carry over as an expense in the upcoming year, eating away at any positive emotions that may come my way.

Just like my friend identifies what he needs to purchase and write off, I should identify what I need to let go. And just like my friend identifies what things are better acquired in 2016, I should identify what I need to grab onto.

So, I think I’ll let the EOY hemorrhage of regret begin.

  • I’ve made poor decisions.
  • I’ve been selfish.
  • I’ve been hateful.
  • I’ve failed to forgive.
  • I’ve been stubborn.
  • I’ve been immature.
  • I’ve let pride take priority.
  • I’ve done harm.

But it is what it is!

I can’t change it, and carrying regret into 2016 will only serve to chisel away at any positive benefits I receive in the new year.

Therefore, I need to start anew.

  • I will work wholeheartedly as well as strategically.
  • I will love more.
  • I will listen more.
  • I will appreciate and be thankful.
  • I will rise above negativity and take the high road.
  • I will think harder.
  • I will be kind.
  • I will build and repair what I have damaged.

I think these “expenses” will give be a better return on my investment, don’t you?

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Heather Kinzie • December 30, 2015

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