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How Are You Inspired?

“To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.”

Tony Dorsett

I haven’t written for A Leading Perspective in quite some time and I wish I could tell you I had a good reason, but the truth is, I don’t; lack of motivation is never a good reason.

This weekend, I gave some thought to who or what inspires me and I thought of Jay Kuhns. His blog, “No ExcusesHR” is a consistent source of inspiration and insight. His posts are filled with questions. Questions are inspiring because they get me thinking. Specifically, they force me to look in the mirror and to identify what, if anything, I should be doing differently to improve what is within my reach. 

To that end, I’d like to thank Jay for influencing me and I’d like to ask you how you are inspired. 

How are you inspired? Is it someone?
  • Does he/she model behavior that you aspire to?
  • Perhaps someone has the expertise in something you are excited about learning?
  • Has he/she been blessed with a talent you are trying to cultivate?
  • Does he/she demonstrate the self-discipline you are lacking?
  • Is it his/her confidence that peaks your interest?
  • Was it their authenticity or courage that got your attention?


How are you inspired? Is it something?
  • Did the “finally, some good news” story last night influence you?
  • Did the tragedy last week help you realize that you could make a difference?
  • Have you been on the receiving end of goodness, or perhaps on the receiving end of hatefulness?
  • Did you see an act of kindness that tugged at your heart?
  • Was it a passage in a book, blog or article that ignited something?
  • Were you witness to something that could have been great, but sadly, didn’t quite get there?
  • Was it a poem, painting or piece of music that roused a desire to take action?


How are you inspired?

inspirationOur world, our country, our cities, our communities, our work teams…they are in trouble. It may not be “end of the world” “sky is falling” trouble but I fear we’ll blink and BAM, big trouble will be at our doors.

I don’t know what it will take, but I know we need to be inspired in order to make a positive difference.


How are you inspired?
And will you allow yourself to be motivated to improve what is within your reach?


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Heather Kinzie • December 14, 2015

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