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Self-fulfilling Prophecy

“I don’t know why I’m excited…I just am and that’s good enough.”

Andrew Kinzie

Despite the warm weather here in Alaska, the calendar tells us that fall is looming and it’s time to think about wearing socks and long sleeve shirts again. It’ll come…we live in Alaska…it will always come!

For many of us, fall means that school is back in session.

Whether we have little ones or young adults, the start of school is always an exciting time, marked with anticipation, curiosity and just the right amount of anxiousness and energy.

I think we should consider what our kids are excited about!

They are excited about meeting a new teacher, reconnecting with friends they haven’t seen in awhile, and showing off their new skills, new lunchbox or new “light em up” tennis shoes. Perhaps they had a sibling or friend who is a tad bit older and therefore, they have been told what’s in store for them with a particular teacher or class. Maybe a new kid moved in down the block and your child is excited to introduce him/her or otherwise be in charge of “orientation” to who’s who, what’s what, etc.IMG_2719

As I sit here watching my third grader pack and repack his school supplies, I wonder what our work environment would be like if the adults showed a fraction of the enthusiasm for our work as our children show towards school.


What if we treated going to work like our kids treated going back to school? #positivethinking Click To Tweet


Are we excited about meeting or getting to know our new boss? Do we positively think about how we will respond to his/her style or do we immediately dread the change in leadership?

Do we consider the time we spend at work as an opportunity to connect and reconnect with colleagues or have we conditioned ourselves to think of “socializing” as wasted time? Shoot, perhaps we don’t care enough about our colleagues to give a hoot about what they’ve been up to anyway!

Do we celebrate learning something new and significant with as much enthusiasm as our child did when he/she learned how to swim or ride a bike? Moreover, do we congratulate our colleagues who accomplished something or developed a valuable new skill or do we roll our eyes and not give the effort or result any more thought?

When we have the opportunity to learn from those who came before us, do we seek out the positive learning moments or do we simply inquire about the dirt and gossip so we can be “better prepared” for the crap that we believe is sure to come?

When was the last time we pro-actively introduced ourselves to a new employee? Did we ask him/her to join us for lunch or did we catch up with him/her on the way to the staff meeting? Did we explain the silly code on the copier or, better yet, did we make sure he/she had a stapler?


I know it’s silly that I even ask such questions but alas, I also know many of us need a gentle reminder, and perhaps this post can serve as such.

If you can honestly say you consistently do the positive things, you consistently look for the good and behave accordingly, that’s great! I wish I could be more like you!



As I sit here and watch my dear son who, by the way, is still organizing his school supplies, I realize I wish I could be more like him.

He is a beacon of curiosity, forgiveness and hope.

Folks, our lives are filled with self-fulfilling prophecies.
Let’s choose to be positive, helpful, engaging, and happy.


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Heather Kinzie • August 18, 2015

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