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3rd Day Insights

The 3rd and final day of Ceridian‘s User Conference, Insights 2014, has come to an end.

I came to this conference wanting to learn more about Dayforce HCM, Ceridian’s single platform SAAS application. Honestly, I was overwhelmed just thinking about “what I was in for” – I haven’t worked in HRIS (aka DATA) in years and I thought for sure my learning curve would be so steep that I would be lost in these sessions.

I was pleasantly surprised, however, as I quickly realized Ceridian has taken the “difficult” out of Human Capital Management.  The “user experience” is intuitive, dare I say easy.  But I’ll talk more about that later as I deep dive into some of the Dayforce modules and learn more about their capability and functionality.


Instead, this post is about Ceridian employees because honestly, they are what make the Ceridian experience valuable to its clients.



I know what engagement looks like; I have “studied” it for years.

I learn from employees about what makes them engaged, disengaged or otherwise.

I coach leaders and help them identify their own behaviors and activities that will likely result in more engagement.

I speak to business owners, Human Resources Professionals, and a variety of other managers and leaders about the risks of decreased engagement and the incredible value of increased engagement.

But honestly, I learn more about engagement from living it and watching it.

I have been an engaged employee and, sadly, I have been an actively disengaged employee. I have been a recipient of “service” from an incredibly engaged employee and have suffered through “service” from a complacent disengaged employee.

We all have…we are all experts of engagement if we think about it.  We may not know all the lingo but we know this…we know engagement when we see it.


Ceridian Insights 2014 gave us the opportunity to see engagement, to hear engagement, and to watch engagement at work.


Ceridian employees, whether they are in sales, marketing, research and development, training, etc. are engaged!  They are proud of Ceridian’s products and humbled by Ceridian’s success. They are excited about the roads ahead and committed to the sweat it’s going to take to succeed. They are loyal and supportive of the entire team of professionals who are joining them on this journey.


I had the opportunity to talk to many clients of Ceridian these past few days and every one…EVERY ONE…had the same messages.

“Ceridian employees are the best in the business.”

“Ceridian employees are refreshingly authentic.”

“Ceridian employees love their company and it makes me love their company or want to get to know their company better.”


One didn’t have to look far to see why Ceridian customers think this way. The beauty was in its simplicity; the employees were clearly happy. They were clearly interested in your needs. They were directly helpful. They were supportive and complimentary of their peers. They were excited about their work and passionate about not only what they were doing but what they were planning to do.


We hear about the “greats” in employee engagement all the time…Google, Wegmans, Zappos, Southwest Airlines, etc.  They are indeed great and we can all continue to learn from them.  However, all you have to do is watch and ask a few questions and I think you’ll find that Ceridian is doing something right…something really right…when it comes to employee engagement.


For someone like me, it was a joy to observe, and I’d love the opportunity to sit down with their leadership and workforce to hear their insights on how they are encouraging, maintaining and consistently delivering such positive employee engagement.


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Heather Kinzie • July 16, 2014

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