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Nearsighted HR

I’m fortunate enough to be a speaker at the upcoming 2014 Louisiana Conference for Human Resources next month, and am thankful for the conference committee’s faith that I can add value to the event and to its participants.

My presentation, Nearsighted HR, is about the struggle some Human Resources programs and professionals have with the desirable yet elusive “strategic” partnership or focus.

HR is Failing to Be StrategicWe’ve been hearing about it for years…whether it’s the HR professional who desires a “seat at the table” or an HR program that can’t get the momentum to change its service model…we’ve heard numerous stories about the battle between tactical and strategic.

My presentation won’t have all the answers – I don’t think any of us really know them at this time.

However, it will offer a 90 minute glimpse into my opinion on the matter, and I’m hopeful the audience will be able to take away something useful and/or otherwise draw some valuable inferences from what they hear.


What happens when we’re nearsighted?


  • We are able to see things up close but everything else is blurry.
  • If we struggle, we can see ahead of us but we can’t maintain that sight for long or we get a headache, eye strain or wrinkles!
  • Because we can’t see ahead of us, we are unable to anticipate and/or plan so often, we bump into things, hit our shins or, worse, hurt ourselves or others.
  • We don’t realize we can’t see – are often in denial about it – and therefore, we don’t take the time to learn what others can see and/or compare our sight to theirs.
  • Some of us don’t utilize a tool to help us see.  Our vanity may stop us from wearing glasses. Our comfort may stop us from wearing contact lenses. Our pride may stop us from admitting we need something. Either way, we fail to put our own issues aside because oftentimes, they outweigh our need to see ahead of us.

HR professionals who find themselves ‘stuck’ in the tactical side of HR are just like people who “accept” and/or suffer through nearsightedness.

My presentation will touch upon the burden and the strain we get, the blunders, and the mistakes we make when fail to see the bigger picture.  I will offer information about our ignorance, our fear and our lack of confidence that hinder us from seeing the forest for the trees.

I believe we can remove the blinders, barriers or filters that obstruct our view and so I’ll offer what I have done and what I have seen works.

See you Louisiana, folks.  I’ll be the one wearing glasses.




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Heather Kinzie • March 20, 2014

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