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 “What is called a reason for living is also an excellent reason for dying.”

Albert Camus

My friend is dying.

She’s been sick with stupid cancer for over a year now but this week, it’s really hit home.  She’s been encouraged to quit fighting and she’s been denied additional care.  It’s been suggested to her that perhaps she go home and spend valuable time with her family.

This post isn’t about death, nor will it be about what an incredible fighter she has been although trust me, I could write miles and miles of posts about that.

Instead, this post will be about what she said to me months ago and what she said again through tears during our conversation this past week.


She’s ready.


My trusted confidant isn’t old; she’s a mere 43 years young.  She hasn’t lived a long life and hasn’t had all the time in the world to do what her heart and mind tempted her to do.  Nope, she’s had less time than me and perhaps even you to be “ready” for death.

But she’s a stark contrast to most of us…even before she was diagnosed with cancer.


She lives.

When she is sad, she cries.

When she is joyful, she smiles.

When she loves, she shows it.

When she grieves, she weeps.

When she is scared, she faces it.

When she is tired, she sleeps.

Can you say the same?


She lives.

She has acted upon her desires.

She has taken accountability for her mistakes.

She has strived to learn and improve.

She has refused to live in regret.

She has not looked back.

What about you?


She lives.

She has let people into her life.

She has showed people out.

She has been thankful.

She has offered help.

She has welcomed and demonstrated honesty.

She has accepted hers and our faults.

She has rejected shame.

And you?  What have you been doing?


I read my words above and know I have some living to do.

Wise beyond her years, gentle beneath her wit, and inspirational above her sickness, my dear friend is ready to die because she has lived.

In the moment, she has done her best.

In the moment, she has taken it all in.

In the moment, she has been “enough.”


Indeed, she’s been more than enough to me.




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Heather Kinzie • June 25, 2013

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