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As I peek around the corner to 2013, I ponder 2012’s “resolutions.”   I met some and I even exceeded some, but I also failed miserably at some.  This post will serve to communicate my thoughts on why I failed and will also serve as testament of my commitment to improve.


The word, “resolution” means a firm commitment or decision to do or not to do something.  Not a bad concept, really…who likes wishy washy?


“New Year’s Resolutions” have become a bit of a joke to many – often proclaimed in good faith but quickly forgotten the moment temptation arises.

I’m right there with the majority – I’ve got the self-discipline of a puppy.  For the most part, my personal resolutions ended up as broken promises to myself.


My resolutions for my two businesses, however, were different; I worked hard to keep them! 


What’s up with that?


I don’t think it’s because I’m a great entrepreneur. 

I doubt I work harder than anyone else. 

I’m certain I haven’t discovered any secret keys to success.


Rather, I think the difference is that I take my work seriously.

Seriously enough to put some thought into what my resolutions will be,

seriously enough to publicly announce them to my clients, my staff, my friends, etc.,

seriously enough to put a plan together and allocate the necessary resources, and

seriously enough to prioritize accordingly to ensure the goal is reached, the process changed, the habits broken, etc.


I’ve come to realize I need to put the same passion and energy into my personal life as I do my professional life.


If this past year has taught me anything, it’s that
my work should not define me
my professional success will not make me content, and
only when I am healthy in mind, body and soul will my talents and competencies shine through in my work!


That being said, I have some thinking to do regarding my personal resolutions.  I’m a mom, a sibling, a daughter and a friend…there is much to improve upon and I need to commit to doing so!


But that’s just me…what about you?


What, if anything about you, needs improvement or a change?

What, if anything, needs a firm commitment or decision from you to do or not do something?

What, if anything, can you take seriously enough to publicly announce it?

What, if anything, can you take seriously enough to put together a plan?

What, if anything, can you you take seriously enough to allocate the necessary resources?

What, if anything, can you make a priority?


If it is important enough, I hope you’ll make the commitment!


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Heather Kinzie • December 30, 2012

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