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Mover of Things

A Post Inspired by a Not So Biker Dude


When I hung out my shingle many years ago, I found myself working from client to client, project to project, without any real sense of accomplishment other than getting the work done and keeping the bills paid.  For many, this would be enough, but I was restless and discouraged.

A year or so later, I realized that if I established business/career goals each year, I had something to work towards, and that as the year came to an end, I felt better about what I did, where I put my resources, etc.   (Business 101, I know, but Lord help me, I’m an HR professional!)

In any event, in addition to annual goal accomplishment, I typically contemplate these questions,

“did I do anything worthwhile?”


“for what am I most proud?”


I’m sorry to say that 2012 wasn’t really a good year to answer either of those questions, and for most of November and December, I have held my head low, finding myself discouraged almost as much as when I first started my business.

But this weekend, I read a post on Facebook from a friend…and while he thought nothing of it, his words helped me raise my head.

His simple post reads as follows:

I am a mover of things; I move substantial amounts of dirt. No, I am not speaking of gardening or of breaking ground with large robots of industry. I am speaking of moving dirt from the countertop to the garbage, of moving dirt from the window sill to my rag, of moving dirt from the floor to my vacuum and my mop bucket.


I am a mover of things and dirt is the least of what I move.


I move words from letters to meaningful thoughts. I move feelings from lower elevations to higher ground. I move hands and arms from positions beside the body to higher positions that embrace love and friendship. I move my thoughts in spirals that reach higher in search of greater clarity.


I am a mover of things…dirt is the least of what I move.


My friend managed to capture in acute clarity what I most needed –
permission to not move mountains, to not impress, to not WOW or WIN.


My friend gave me permission to simply move forward, to “manage”, to think, to inquire, to give love and offer friendship.

Moreover, his post suggests these things are as significant, if not more so, than the accomplishments I had hoped for.


I asked him to write a guest post for me on his concept and he politely said no, saying he was not masterful and that all he does is,

“make certain that I put passion and love into each job and strive, in some small way, to make the lives of those with whom I come into contact a little better, easier, or happier.”


Who needs more words than that?


About My Inspirational Friend

I met Slade Elbert many years ago when he was dating a friend of mine.  I pictured, when I heard his first name, a biker dude covered in tattoos.  However, when I first met him, he was de-tangling those mountain climbing thingymajiggers and I’m not sure I saw one tattoo!


Many years later, we have gardened, ate, drank, sang, camped, laughed, cried, etc. – he’s a great friend and I’m proud to have him in my circle.  He currently lives in Baker City, Oregon, a place he has fallen in love with and is now calling home.  He is a fantastic carpenter, a great chef and he owns Better Rentals for Beautiful Baker City. As if that’s not enough, he has recently found that his passion and talent for photography is greatly admired by those who wish to buy it!

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Heather Kinzie • December 18, 2012

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  1. Tracy H January 2, 2013 - 11:00 am Reply

    Thank you, Heather and Slade. I’m glad I read this post prior to jumping in to 2013 goal setting, as I don’t feel all that great about my 2012 either.

    • Heather Kinzie January 2, 2013 - 12:54 pm Reply

      Tracy, thanks for your comments and I’ll pass them along to Slade too! You, like me, are probably a bit too hard on yourself. Slade’s FB posts helped me realize the error of my ways! 🙂

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