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They’ll Be The Judge Of That

Oftentimes, I find inspiration for a post in the strangest places…my daughter’s soccer game, the swimming pool with my son, or temporary tattoos, just to name a few.


Today, I was inspired by something I heard at church.  The priest, during his homily, was talking about being judged by God; he was sharing what he believes he will be judged upon:

Has he loved and cared for people, even though they may not have done the same for him?
Has he been grateful for the gifts he has been given?
Has he been helpful?
Has he been honest?


There were others but those were the ones I hooked into…so much so that I came home and wrote in my journal about them and even threw a quick discussion on FB about them too.


This evening, as I pondered what I was going to write about for this week’s post, I realized I already had my inspiration!


I write about leadership, I write about workforce issues and I write about corporate culture and values.  What I heard in church today fits perfectly into my ideas on leadership…and how I would like to be “judged” as a leader.


As a leader, have I loved and cared for people, even if they haven’t done the same?

Have I taken the time to get to know those who rub me the wrong way?  Have I turned the other cheek when someone offends me, is spiteful and/or just plain hateful?  Have I demonstrated I cared for my staff or my customers, regardless of how difficult they were, how non-responsive they were, or how much they made my eyes twitch?


As a leader, have I been grateful for the gifts I have been given?

Have I made good use of my talents?  Have I nurtured my skills and expertise to reach my capacity?  Have I shown gratitude to those around me who have offered their own resources?  Have I said thank you?  Have I said it enough and in the right way?


As a leader, have I been helpful?

Have I shared what I know?  Have I provided resources?  Have I helped facilitate discussions? Have I inspired creative thinking/problem solving?  Have I made myself available to my staff?  Have I delegated properly?  Have I stepped out of the way so my team could do their work?


As a leader, have I been honest?

Have I practiced what I preached?  Have I been accountable to my team, to my boss and to my customer?  Have I apologized when needed?  Have I faced…and communicated reality?


If I were to answer all of these questions today, my answer would rest somewhere between “sometimes” and “it depends.” 


Hmm, I guess things could be worse but here’s the kicker…


As a leader, I’m being watched and heard every day.

I am asked to take the high road, to be grateful and to demonstrate gratefulness not only when it’s convenient to do so but all of the time!

My staff, my peers, my boss and my customers need me to be helpful and to be honest, not when it suits me or when there is nothing to lose but all of the time!

As a leader, when asked if I do these things, I need to definitively answer YES!


Your staff is watching…how will you be judged?


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Heather Kinzie • December 2, 2012

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