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Self Fulfilling Prophecies

“That which we manifest is before us.” Garth Stein


I am thinking about Ben Eubanks.  I met Ben during the SHRM 2012 Conference.  He quickly became one of my favorite “meets” in Atlanta!

Ben creates a positive world around him.  He’s not living in a fairytale world…none of us are.  But, unlike many of us, Ben often finds the good in things and makes the most out of them!

Being in Atlanta also made me think of car racing and while I know very little about the sport, I do know this: the car goes where the driver’s eyes go.  Thus,  if he can’t tear his eyes away from the wall as he spins out of control, he will surely hit the wall.


Self-fulfilling prophecies. 

Whether it be in our personal or professional life,

that which we manifest is before us


As a Human Resources professional, I have seen this play out in positive ways.

The optimistic job candidate strides into the interview with confidence and convinces the selection team she is the best candidate for the job.

The HRIS vendor who believes his product will add the most efficiency and value to the organization walks away from the exchange with a contract.

The manager who knows he and his team can find a solution to the impossible problem facing them emerges from the think tank glorious and excited about a creative solution.


That which we manifest is before us.


Sadly, I have also seen this play out in negative ways.

The supervisor who considers himself a victim because he is denied some resources allows this mentality to dis-empower his team.

The employee who fears she cannot complete her task indeed does not.

The team member who, offended by something her coworker has said, cannot picture a time when their relationship will be good and therefore, acts accordingly.


That which we manifest is before us.


As an HR Professional, we can’t magically turn our workforce into a bunch of idealists.  However, I believe we should strive to be a bit more like Ben Eubanks!  We can find the good in things, in people, and in situations!

  • We can be confident.
  • We can be creative.
  • We can show resilience.
  • We can be courageous.
  • We can demonstrate optimism.
Our behavior will beget the same behavior.
That which we manifest is before us!


Curious about Ben Eubanks?  He’s an HR Generalist and works for a defense contractor in Huntsville, Alabama.  He’s also a great husband, dad, volunteer and blogger!  I’m sure there is more but that’s all I know for now!  He can be reached through any of the following mediums:

LinkedIn                        Website: upstartHR                      Twitter: @beneubanks



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Heather Kinzie • July 2, 2012

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