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Recently, I was in Seattle with some friends. It’s been awhile since I’ve visited with many of them and goodness, it was nice just catching up with each other. Not surprisingly, it was an emotional weekend because a ton of stuff has happened in the last few years within our circle of friends. Flying back to Anchorage,…

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Not Just Another Walk in the Park

Who would have thought there would be a jackass in the middle of an Alaskan Forest? Have you ever had one of those days when things don’t go as planned and, because of your bullheaded decisions, they just get worse? This happened to me recently when I went for a “walk” in Chugach State Park with…

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Power to Help

A huge storm blew through Anchorage this past week; gusts of over 100 MPH and sustainable 70 MPH+ winds tore apart our little city.  My house and office lost power when a huge grouping of Birch trees crashed into our utility substation. Without power, I am also without water and heat.  This happens all the…

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