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Back Off; It’s Mine! (A tale of missed opportunity)

“I hope you don’t often feel the breeze of an opportunity passing you by.” Carol Strider (aka Heather’s mom) I was traveling a while ago and overheard someone say, “you did not lose the opportunity; someone simply wanted it more.” I contemplated that statement…the entire context of the statement for that matter…for days. I didn’t…

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Vision, Mission & Values – Bring ’em to Street View

I have the pleasure of facilitating strategic planning sessions, process improvement events, team building activities, etc. I always start with the vision, mission and values of the organization. Why? Because if the discussion isn’t aligned, if the goals aren’t aligned, if the changes aren’t aligned, if the commitments aren’t aligned, etc., the time, as I see it,…

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Password & Leadership

A Guest Post from Buzz Rooney   Growing up in New Jersey, I spent my days with my grandmother while my parents went to work. It was there I developed my love for soap operas, talk shows and game shows. One of my favorites was “Password” on NBC hosted at the time by Burt Convy….

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