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You’re Lying To Yourself

“Reality denied comes back to haunt.” Philip K. Dick I find it quite ironic (dare I say moronic) that so many Human Resource leaders claim they don’t need a Human Capital Management (HCM) system in the same breath that they claim their staff are so incredibly busy doing data entry, that they have arduous reporting…

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Half Day Insights

Ceridian Insights kicked off today and I’ve made it a point of talking with its customers today to get “the inside scoop” into this organization. Here are my key takeaways: 1) Ceridian has come a long way. From simple payroll applications to leading edge SAAS in just a few years, Ceridian is the one to…

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  I’m in Las Vegas. It’s July.   What on earth would convince me to go to Las Vegas in the middle of July? It’s surface of the sun hot, there is a gazillion other sporting events and conferences going on this week so it is┬ácrazy busy, and did I mention that it’s hot, very…

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