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Power to Help

A huge storm blew through Anchorage this past week; gusts of over 100 MPH and sustainable 70 MPH+ winds tore apart our little city.  My house and office lost power when a huge grouping of Birch trees crashed into our utility substation. Without power, I am also without water and heat.  This happens all the…

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Insights From The Baseball Field

I had the pleasure of watching the Little League Majors games for the Alaska State Championship this past week.  My nephews team, the Juneau Majors, were playing and, as a good aunt would, I attended every game! As I sat and watched the games, I thought how nice it would be if the things I…

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Ever had a day where you are figuratively hit over the head with life lessons?  Today was one of those days.  There are too many to write about in just one post so today, I’ll choose the one that fits this months’ theme on Leadership.   Accountability   What a great word.     Webster defines…

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Excess Baggage

“We cannot hold on to things and enter.”  Mark Nepo   I carry a bit of baggage.  Ok, to be honest, I carry a ton of it.  However, today a friend gently reminded me that perhaps I should leave my baggage behind so I can move freely forward. Baggage – it comes in many forms. …

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