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What It Means To Be A Consultant

Some say what you do defines you. Other say you define what you do. I am a consultant. This doesn’t mean I am a narcissist. This doesn’t mean I am smarter than you. This doesn’t mean I have all the answers. This doesn’t mean I can solve all of your problems. This doesn’t mean I…

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Pathetic Dog, Lesson in Empathy

Our minds will look ahead when fear is left behind.   My ex-husband, Steve, and I share joint-custody of our 3 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Lucy.  Steve, technically, has full custody but I agree to watch her when he travels, which he happens to be doing this week. As you can see, Lucy is less…

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Modeling Diversity

young, curious, kind wise beyond her fourteen years Carolyn Kinzie   I had the pleasure of having lunch with my daughter this afternoon.  I eat with her all the time but today, it was just us and there was no rush.  Nice doesn’t begin to describe it.   I only have my kiddos one-half of…

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They’ll Be The Judge Of That

Oftentimes, I find inspiration for a post in the strangest places…my daughter’s soccer game, the swimming pool with my son, or temporary tattoos, just to name a few.   Today, I was inspired by something I heard at church.  The priest, during his homily, was talking about being judged by God; he was sharing what…

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I am the mother of a gazillion teenage girls. Ok, I exaggerate.   I have one daughter, Carolyn, but she comes with friends; specifically, she comes with an entire soccer team.   During tournament weekends, all of these young women stay with me.  I facilitate team building sessions throughout the weekend – girls work together,…

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