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A Leading Solution

A Leading Solution is my sole proprietorship in Anchorage, Alaska.

I contract with a variety of colleagues to ensure my clients receive a broad range of services that surpass the large consulting/advisory “firms” in the state.

I am known for speaking my mind, telling it like it is, and offering pragmatic advice and counsel.  I have a fairly diverse client base of large and small business in both public and private sectors.

A natural teacher (or just bossy), I develop and present a variety of training courses for my clients.  I have also served as an Executive Coach for years, helping managers reach their full potential as Leaders.  Visit A Leading Solution for a list of my training topics.

I wanted to be on TV when I was younger but was told I had a face for radio…and so naturally my dreams were a bit crushed.  But that was years ago and I remain a natural “ham” – I enjoy public speaking and entertaining the crowds.

Finally, I don’t believe in wasting time, energy or passion.  Using LEAN philosophies, I help my clients review and analyze their administrative processes and then I facilitate the development of new, efficient and effective ones.  It’s great fun…albeit Kaizen Craziness…and typically results in thousands of dollars in operational savings each year.

A Leading Solution serves as an outlet for me…it allows me to do what I do best and enjoy every second of it. I’m very grateful for my clients who trust that my mind…and my laughter and spirit…is what they need!


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