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So, You Don’t Believe In God

Hi folks.  The following is a poem I wrote and delivered for the SHRM Poetry Slam – a fundraiser for No Kid Hungry. If you missed the event, you can still help us feed children – just donate here

The event was phenonemal…I was among peers and GIANTS in the field. It was humbling to stand in front of them and ask for their attention and patience as I offered up my heart.

I hope you like it.

“So, you don’t believe in God.”

So, you don’t believe in God; I can respect that.

If you’ve ever heard a newborn cooing, I think you’d believe.

If you’ve ever seen a fiddlehead fern unravel towards the light, I think you’d believe.

If you’ve ever felt the energizing shower of a spring’s waterfall, I think you’d believe.


You don’t believe in a Great Creator; I can respect that.

Maybe you have not witnessed a glorious sunrise over an ocean you have not yet crossed.

Maybe you have not heard the great forest orchestra that accompanies a fantastic camping trip.

Maybe you have yet to taste the sweet and sticky mess that is the perfect peach.


You honor science over miracles; I can respect that.

It’s conceivable that the family spared in the storm that took out 100 structures was just lucky.

For all we know, your children have such intense love for you because they are ignorant of anything else.

There could very well be a mathematical formula explaining how blankets of peace fall upon the recipient of a prayer chain.


I understand you don’t believe in God; and I can respect that.

But I wonder if you’ve ever been comforted by the hug of a dear friend.

And I wonder if you’ve ever received good will from a stranger.

And I wonder if you’ve been encouraged and given unconditional love.


You think “believers” are faithful but ignorant sheep; I can respect that.

 But it is faith that helps some of us get past despair and tragedy.

It is faith that keeps some of us working hard to be kind, respectful and generous members of our community.

It is faith that allows some of us to respect your opinion.


So, you don’t believe in God; I can respect that. 

Perhaps you are waiting for the big reveal.

Perhaps you are waiting for some awesome magic.

Perhaps you are waiting for something spectacular to happen right now.


I’m sorry; it’s just me up here.

 Asking you to consider those you love and see their remarkable presence in their ordinary ways.

Asking you to place your hand over your heart and feel the life supporting your purpose.

Asking you to reflect upon all these little things.


I believe it is in these little things that God’s presence is undeniably clear.

I hope you can respect that.

Heather Kinzie • June 30, 2015

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