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No Kid (Should Be) Hungry

“Give when you can, my dear, because you’ve taken when you’ve had to.”

Carol Strider (my mother)

Have you ever had a headache so bad that you can’t concentrate?

I have; I was hungry.

Have you ever felt the paradox of heaviness in your limbs and lightness in your head…so much so that the confusion leaves you frozen?

I have; I was hungry.

Have you ever yearned for what is within your sight but resented that it was incredibly far from your reach?

I have; I was hungry.

Have you ever been faced with an action that you know in your heart is wrong but your body literally screams at you to execute it anyway?

I have; I was hungry.

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Have you ever been hungry?
How long did it last? An hour, an afternoon?
Can you imagine hunger lasting days or months?
Can you imagine if hunger is the only feeling you know?

Children are hungry.

They are in your neighborhood school, trying incredibly hard to hear their teachers over the pounding in their heads.

Children are hungry.

They are down the street in the park wanting so badly to play with your kid but too weak to keep up because it’s been a while since their last meal.

Children are hungry.

They are on the playground and finding it hard to distinguish between yearning, jealousy and resentment when they see the group of kids tearing into the picnic lunch and snacks their parents packed for them.

Children are hungry.

The little one who was so polite last month at the bus stop is currently afraid to take the bologna and cheese from the grocery store but so hungry that he puts it in his backpack anyway.

Children are hungry.
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Heather Kinzie • June 21, 2015

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