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Day 2 Insights

I’ve had the pleasure of attending multiple sessions at Ceridian’s User Conference, Insights 2014.

Wowza, so many modules, so little time.


I haven’t begun to scratch the surface of what Ceridian‘s Dayforce HCM can do for an organization but so far, I can confidently say this: if you aren’t using a SAAS HCM application like Dayforce, you’re risking quality and wasting resources.

I’m not a tech ninja so if you’re looking for a post that talks about the super cool programming that goes into making the magic work, stop what you’re doing because you’ll be sadly disappointed.

However, if you’re a Human Resources professional, or a Payroll professional, or anyone concerned with efficient use of resources and quality of your organization, read on.

Here are three key takeaways as we enter the lunch hour on Day 2.

1) When humans do data entry, there will be mistakes.

This is true, regardless of how great you are and let’s face it, you think you’re good at typing but trust me, you make mistakes. Furthermore, if you do a lot of data entry, you’re probably not disciplining yourself to check and double check your work. That being said, why on earth would you want to use a system…or multiple systems for that matter…when data entry is heavy and/or duplicative?

If you’re not doing the data entry yourself, you have some clerk doing it for you; chances are you are assuming that he/she is checking and double checking the quality of the entry. Let’s say, for sake of argument, you are auditing 10% of his/her entries on a consistent basis – you’d still be finding and fixing data entry mistakes way too late in the game.

(The reality is you’re probably not auditing the work consistently or timely, meaning you’re finding the data entry problem when payroll runs, when benefits get denied, or some other inapportune time that is certain to result in your employee being PISSED at you about it!)

Using a single platform for HCM solves this problem. You’re entering data ONCE, which eliminates the possibility of some of your programs having different, albeit still factual information (for instance, cell phone is entered in applicant tracking but land line is entered in emergency contact; avenue is spelled out in benefits administration but abbreviated in timekeeping, etc.). In addition, depending on what configuration/work flow got used first, you’d quickly know when the data was incorrect and could fix it.

Furthermore, let’s not forget about vested interest in the quality of the data. Who’s got it? The employee, of course. Self-service software keeps accountability with the person who is most interested in accurate data, thus increasing the probability that quality to the data occurs!


2) Duplicative work is stupid.

Using a SAAS with a single employee record eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and interfaces.

You know darn well you are entering employee information, position information, etc. in a variety of places. Even if we assume, for sake of argument not truth, you’re darn good at data entry, you’re still doing it twice, thrice or more and hence, wasting your time and your organization’s resources.


3) You can’t keep up with it all.

You may be smart but you’re not superhuman.

Using a product such as Dayforce HCM eliminates the need for you to know it all or do it all.

I’m not suggesting you absolve yourself of responsibiity…I’m an HR Professional and I love to wear responsibility like a cape.

However, I am suggesting that you quit losing sleep about the report that needs to be run.  I am suggesting you free yourself of the mental distractions regarding compliance.  I am suggesting you quit trying to find room in your busy schedule for the multiple interface “QI” sessions that must occur if you have multiple data points that need to talk to each other.

I don’t care if you’re an HR shop of 1 or if you lead an HR shop of 20, the fact is you and/or your team can’t do it all.

You want so badly to step back from tasks and transactions and start doing “strategic” work.

You struggle with being a true business “partner” with your managers because you’re probably too busy enabling or cleaning up after them where data and processes are concerned.

You get mud in your face because someone relied upon data that, unfortunately, was old and/or inaccurate.

Using SAAS, I think you’ll quickly realize that you and your team are not only keeping up with it all, but you’re perfectly able to get ahead of it.


I apologize if this is all obvious to you, but I continue to be amazed at people who admittedly hate what they have, are burdened with what they have, clean up after what they have, but are still too comfortable with what they have that they cannot imagine a world without it.

The world exists, folks, you just have to have the gumption to invite it in.

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Heather Kinzie • July 15, 2014

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