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True Dat!

“We owe honesty to those we meet.”

                                            Joel Casto



We don’t hear it often enough.honesty_snoopy

Do you ever wonder why?


It may be because we have been conditioned to lie, to bend the truth, to be “creative” with our words.

Or, here’s a thought, perhaps we are the ones who are conditioning others?


Think about it.

Have we not trained people to fear the truth?

Honesty_fear the truth

Have we not let others know that the truth isn’t good enough “as is” and should be made “interesting”?


Have we not told individuals that telling the truth is offensive?


Have we not said repeatedly that truth hurts?


As the answers to those questions are undoubtedly YES, I believe this makes the ever elusive “honesty” our fault!


Why are we putting the burden on the person telling the truth?
Should we not, instead, voluntarily carry the burden of accepting it?


Joel Casto, my mentor of nearly 19 years, has always told honesty_trustme that I owe others gentle, courteous and/or professional honesty.

Joel speaks the truth.

Likewise, I add this to his wisdom.

I owe everyone acceptance of honesty when they offer it.


I believe that only when we commit to both offering and accepting honesty will we see more of it.


What do you think?

Be honest!


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Heather Kinzie • April 22, 2014

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