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I Will Pray

I just wrote my last letter to a dear friend; she will leave this world within a few days. I will deliver my last “Wednesday night” meal to her this evening but to respect her last wish to spend this remaining time only with her family, I won’t visit with her again.


I sit here, quite numb, wondering what more I can do.


What do we do when we can no longer physically do anything?

What do we do when there are no more meals to cook, things to tidy, or errands to run?

What do we do when there are no more calls to make or remedies to try?

What do we do when there are no more miracles to wish for?


My sister suggested I do the only thing any of us would still be able to do –  to pray for my friend and her family. This is good advice…


So I will pray for her death to be peaceful so she can leave this world as gracefully as she lived it.


I will pray for her to be relieved of the pain she is in while still given enough time to enjoy these last days with her family.


I will pray for acceptance to come to those of us left behind.


I will pray that my dear friend knows she was loved very much, and that she helped so many of us laugh and enjoy our lives.


I will pray her death will always remind me that my life is precious.


I will pray for heaven to be as wonderful as we hear it is.



Heather Kinzie • December 4, 2013

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  1. Katie Kinzie December 4, 2013 - 3:52 pm Reply

    Beautifully written, Heather.

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