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The Frontier Project (in the 2nd largest state)

Wanted: Curiosity and Imagination


I don’t need an excuse to get out of Alaska in November but if I did, I’d scream down to Cyprus, Texas to be a part of something meaningful, The Frontier Project.


I was fortunate enough to attend the first “project” held in Omaha earlier this spring.  I came back and told my colleagues that my eyes were open, my mind was re-energized, and my imagination had been kicked back into gear.

Since that time, I have taken a hard look at what services I offer my clients, and where my paradigms in thinking have been.  I’ve tipped some sacred cows, and I’ve quit spending resources on creatures of comfort that in reality, are no longer relevant in today’s business arena.

I’ve done a lot of research so I am better prepared to consult with my clients regarding solutions that are beneficial not just one or two years in the future, but five+ years into the future.

And, more importantly, I’ve kept in contact with the intelligent, kind, helpful and damn funny people I met.  Indeed, my growing “posse” has helped me significantly since last spring.


Talent Anarchy, specifically Jason Lauritsen and Joe Gerstandt, facilitated this two day event with one main objective…to get the audience to think about the future of Human Resources.


This wasn’t a conference!

Nor was it “training.”

But trust me, I learned more about myself and about operational Human Resources than I have in years.


Jason and Joe facilitated a thoughtful, well orchestrated discussion.

They helped forty or so Human Resources professionals, consultants, vendors and business leaders put their minds to work and their heads together to talk.

Yes, talk…

Go figure…get smart people opening up about their ideas, their fears, their concerns, their insights, etc. and

BAM, you’ve got something powerful!


I wrote a post on my way home from Omaha, The Frontier Project…A Reflection.  This post should give you a bit more information about how I felt after I left. Perhaps reading it will inspire you to attend the upcoming event in Texas?


For now, know this…if you are an Human Resources or business professional and are curious about…


…what the future workforce looks like,

…what recruitment of the future workforce looks like,

…what managing your future workforce looks like,

…what engaging your future workforce looks like, etc.,

I strongly suggest you become a part of The Frontier Project.


All you need is your mind. Oh, and a strong “give a damn factor” because that’s what spurs the discussion!



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Heather Kinzie • October 14, 2013

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