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Hiring Is Everything!

A Guest Post by Ben Eubanks   Recently I ran across a very interesting employee handbook for Valve, a small software company. The handbook talks about the culture and what it’s like working there in intricate detail, but one section really blew my mind. At Valve, they don’t hire managers or have any supervisors. They…

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Four Questions

A lot of attention has been given lately to the recruitment and selection process and ensuring a good fit for the organization.  Indeed, if this process breaks down, you’ll have an employee churn problem and who wants that?   Recruitment is all about determining where, when and how you’re going to fish for qualified applicants….

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Holding Out

How often do we refuse our fate under the guise of holding out for the right thing?    There is an old story of a young man in Alaska traveling to Florida.  He’s hitchhiking in freezing temperatures and he’s so cold, he can barely hold his sign.  A friendly trucker comes along and offers the…

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Out With The Old

I had a garage sale today.  I try to have one every year as I accumulate a lot of crap. Anyway, I heard the saying “out with the old, in with the new” multiple times today.  I’ve heard that saying before during previous garage sales…and I’ve always joked and/or thought to myself, “that’s right…I’ll buy…

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Culture Shock

Ever heard the phrase, “Pay now or pay later…either way you’ll pay”? As an HR Professional, this saying comes into play for numerous things.  Whether it be for investing resources in your staff’s development, creating and maintaining adequate documentation regarding performance, or, in the case of this post, investing in the recruitment and selection process….

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I recently traveled to San Diego for the ERE Expo; I presented a pre-conference workshop and was afforded the opportunity to attend the full conference (thanks to ERE for both!).   I’ve traveled alot for work but this was the first time attending a conference alone; I’m typically with or meeting someone upon arrival.  …

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They’re not talking…so now what?

I ran into a colleague the other day who had been interviewing for one of his vacancies.  Upon asking about the selection, I learned he had identified his top candidate but then changed his mind because he couldn’t get a reference. WHAT?  His assumption was that if the candidate’s ex-employers weren’t offering references, the candidate…

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