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Back Off; It’s Mine! (A tale of missed opportunity)

“I hope you don’t often feel the breeze of an opportunity passing you by.” Carol Strider (aka Heather’s mom) I was traveling a while ago and overheard someone say, “you did not lose the opportunity; someone simply wanted it more.” I contemplated that statement…the entire context of the statement for that matter…for days. I didn’t…

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What It Means To Be A Consultant

Some say what you do defines you. Other say you define what you do. I am a consultant. This doesn’t mean I am a narcissist. This doesn’t mean I am smarter than you. This doesn’t mean I have all the answers. This doesn’t mean I can solve all of your problems. This doesn’t mean I…

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Jeopardy & Business

A Guest Post from Bert Doerhoff   Jeopardy is perhaps one of America’s most popular game shows of all-time. It has made a successful run since 1964 and has captured the minds of viewers all over the country. Though its premise is simple, its lessons can be applied to a myriad of situations – including…

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Budgeting 101

A guest post by Bert Doerhoff, CPA   Budget?  You don’t need no stinkin’ budget!   WRONG! Of course you do!   You have started a new business, chosen a company name, developed your business plan, secured the loan and perhaps even rented the space.   Now what? You need a budget.   A budget…

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Five Small Business Situations You Didn’t Expect

A guest post by Bert Doerhoff, CPA If you are several years into owning your own small business, then you know that a lot of unanticipated issues can arise. When many people consider beginning their own businesses, they imagine having flexible hours, making more money and having the freedom to take off on vacation at…

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